Fall of the Earth Mother

Day Two - Into the depths

The darkness beckons...

The blessing of the gods

After clearing the remaining corruption, the party set to freeing the prisoners, Nadakh, feeling the holy aura radiating from the tall, beautiful woman in the deepest cell, frees her first.

As the other inmates flee, the statuesque woman approaches the party, and introduces herself. “My saviours, I must thank you with a gift and as an avatar of the goddess Meilikki, I grant you a single wish”

Pisser’s eyes light up with the thought of riches.

“However” she continues “I can only grant such boons to those pure of heart, and some amongst your number are less than pure…” she looks at pisser, eyes full of pity.

“Fuck you, I don’t care if you’re a god, we earned that shit, I’m not being no goody two shoes for anyone!” Pisser shouts and the avatar sends him flying across the room with a balst of holy light. “Fear not” she says hastily, “he is unharmed and will wake with nought but a mild headache”

With much thought, the others accept the bargain, except Nadakh, who honourably declines earthly reward. Kalisa is unsure of what to request and is given permission to request something at a later date, Rook requests a powerful arcane incantation and Nadakh is gifted an increase in physical strength as a reward for his honour.

The goddess shard leaves and the party set about waking up the gnome from his stupor…

A hole in the ground

The trudge back to town, punctuated only by the odd goblin camp, ends in shock. Where once stood a proud town, full of life, a crater lies. The Palace once inhabited by the Duergar lord has crumbled, only a few parapets and parts of the grand entrance hall remain.

Everything from the palace to the slums at the far end of town have fallen into the depths of the pit. The survivors have moved everything they could hold to the far end of town, and are desperately trying to sell or beg enough coin to buy passage away from their stricken home.

Approaching the city, the party find the guard captain, barely alive, manages to stutter a phrase “Library 4 17”, he directs the party to the treasure store in the vain hope that there may be something that hasn’t fallen into the abyss and with that, draws his final breath.

The party decide to investigate the pit, but as they do, an immense illusory fist shoots out from it, pulling Nadakh into the depths, his voice echoing as he disappears. Fearing their companion to be dead, the party move on to investigate the ruins of the palace, they find the entrance door still mounted.

breaching the door with a huge CRASH, they enter the hall (or what’s left of it).

Robbing the robbers

The only remaining exit from the entrance hall, leads down a corridor, various cupboards and offices leading off either side, until the end where a huge library stands, hundreds upon hundreds of books stacked high upon numerous shelves.

Rook and Kalisa immediately begin searching for spell books, while pisser sets his eyes on a tome of “erotic” orcish art, showing mainly male nudes. After finding a few useful books they set two work deciphering the guard-master’s cryptic death rattle. Testing various combinations of books, they find one on the 4th shelf, 17th from the left which opens a secret door in one of the shelves.

Following another corridor, this one much less lavishly decorated, dank and uninviting, Kalisa’s fox pricks it’s ears up at sounds of scrabbling and clattering further down the passage.



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