Dai "Rook" Jones

Bedraggled half-elf sorceror.


Dai’s Mother was an elf, father was a human wizard of moderate fame who fell in love with an elf. The relationship was brief in time and was shunned by both races and the father left shortly afterwards never to be heard from again. As child of mixed birth he inherited some of his fathers innate magical skill, and his mothers sense of arrogance. He became motivated to study the arcane arts, as it seemed to be the only thing he has any real talent at.

Since leaving on a seemingly random quest for adventure and something to challenge him he has begun to embrace his human heritage, and in doing so become a more rugged person, with unkempt hair and a rather impressive beard. He is slow to anger but once done so he uses his knowledge of the arcane to show his fury, sometimes to his own ruination.

He is a quiet individual given to introspection and contemplation about his place in the world. Upon Chance meeting with three strangers in a bar has set him on a course of adventure. Sometimes, he acts rashly and pays the price for this and has many times faced the prospect of death, and doesn’t concern himself with his own frailty and short-comings.

Dai "Rook" Jones

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